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Rosa McCauley Parks: Community Organizer & Mother of The Civil Rights Movement

Lived: February 4, 1913 ~ October 25, 2005

We have all heard the story about the tired seamstress who randomly decided to stay seated on a public bus instead of yielding her seat to a white person. And yet, there is so much more to Rosa Parks than the sanitized version of her story that we showcase every February. Did you know that she was arrested by the same bus driver, for the same offense a year prior to the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Or that she preferred the teachings of Malcolm X? Here are a few facts about The Rosa Parks You Don’t Know.

Mrs. Parks was intentional in her actions. Whether she was investigating a gang rape of a young Alabama girl, or strategizing on how to shape her local NAACP chapter into an activist branch or choosing December 1, 1955 as the day that she would remain seated on the bus, Mrs. Parks always had a plan.

As we honor Mrs. Rosa Parks’ on her 100th Birthday, let us be reminded of the power and impact of INTENTIONALITY.

Rituals of Remembrance:
1. Say thank you to the elders in the community who with their thoughts, words and actions - large & small; covert & overt; visible & unrecognizable - transformed the world in which we live. Create a ritual in honor of their memory.

2. Connect yourself to the larger movements happening in the world. Connect others in your community to these movements as well. While our individual acts of service make a difference, it is our collective organizing that shifts society.

3. Play the long game. Mrs. Parks was not event-centered or individually focused. She focused on the long-term systemic impact of her actions. She understood the value of garnering smaller victories so that she and others could win at the long game. Ask yourself, if you are playing are long game? If not what actions can you take to expand your visions? If you are, what’s your next move?

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